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The Interventional Pulmonology and Sleep diagnostics unit at Aayush hospital was established in the year 2012 and offering services in various fields of Pulmonology & Sleep disorders. The Pulmonology unit has the state of the art advanced equipment to fulfil the minimally invasive Pulmonary interventions.

The Lung Care Centre is one of the busiest centres in the state of Andhra Pradesh and performing highest number of diagnostic bronchoscopies, EBUS (Endobronchial ultra sound), therapeutic bronchoscopy procedures like airway stents, foreign body extractions, airway stenosis and strictures management and invasive airway cancer procedures. The unit has the backing of good thoracic sur surgery services and doing large number of both diagnostic and therapeutic thoracoscopies including VATS.

  • Video Bronchoscopes for adults and children (Olympus and Fujinon)

  • Fujinon Convex & Radial EBUS (Endobronchail Ultrasound)

  • Efer-Dumon Adult Rigid Bronchoscopes

  • Karl Storz Paediatric Rigid Bronchoscopes

  • Rigid Thoracoscope & VATS

  • Advanced level I sleep lab

  • Advanced cath lab for Pulmonary Vascular Interventions

The Interventional Pulmonology Unit

The department has excellent critical care unit with latest equipment and managing all kinds of respiratory emergencies including severe ARDS, respiratory failure, sepsis and multi organ failure etc.

Critical care services

We have an advanced sleep lab - 32 channel polysomnography and giving excellnt care in various sleep disorders diagnosis and management.

Sleep disorders unit

Besides this pulmonology department offers state of the art care in diagnosis and management of lung cancer. This center has facilities to provide both chemotherapy and surgery for thoracic malignancies.

Lung cancer clinic

cranial (aneurysm clipping, AVM excision, etc), spinal (AVM), Carotid endarterectomy, etc.

Pulmonology function testing


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Pulmonology & Sleep medicine

Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine

The department of Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine at Aayush Hospitals, provides comprehensive care for both inpatients and outpatients with pulmonary and sleep problems. The department provides an active patient care service in the following areas.

Outpatient Clinics

The department offers state of the art care for various pulmonary problems likme asthma, COPD, Tuberculosis, occupational lung diseases, lung malignancies, etc. Smoking cessation clinics and pulmonary rehabilitation clinics

Spectrum of Diseases include :

  • Sleep Apena - Diagnosis and management

  • Respiratory infections

  • Allergy Clinic

Pulmonology & Sleep medicine

Our Doctors

Dr MS Gopala Krishna


Pulmonologist & Sleep Medicine Specialist

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