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Our Doctors

Dr S Madhavi

MD (Gen)

Senior Consultant Physician

Dr C Padma


Senior Consultant Physician

Dr D Sirisha

MD (Gen)

Senior Consultant Physician

Services Offered by the General Medicine Department at Aayush Hospital

​OP Department: Our OP Department adopts a family-focused approach, emphasizing preventive medicine. We prioritize nutrition, exercise, and immunization, aiming for overall health and wellness.

Critical Care: Specializing in the treatment of severe conditions like septic shock, diabetic ketoacidosis, and various poisonings, our Critical Care unit is equipped with advanced medical expertise and technologies.

Diabetes Clinic: The Diabetes Clinic provides complete management and treatment for diabetes, tailoring our approach to each patient’s unique needs.

Hypertension Clinic: Our clinic focuses on managing high blood pressure and related health issues, utilizing the latest medical practices and personalized care plans.

Anemia Clinic: Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of anemia, our clinic offers comprehensive care to help patients regain their health and vitality.

Multisystem Disorders Clinic: Our clinic provides thorough diagnosis, treatment, and guidance for patients with complex multisystem disorders, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated care.

Women's Health: We provide comprehensive care for women, ensuring access to necessary health services and advocating for women's health rights and needs.

Geriatric Clinic: Our Geriatric Clinic offers specialized care for the elderly, focusing on prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of multisystem disorders, with an emphasis on compassionate care.

Thyroid Clinic: Specializing in thyroid disorders, our clinic offers precise diagnosis and effective treatment options, ensuring the best care for our patients.

Comprehensive Fever and Inflammation Treatment: We offer effective treatment for a wide array of fevers and inflammatory conditions, ensuring each patient receives personalized and thorough care.

Lifestyle Medicine: Our Lifestyle Medicine service integrates lifestyle changes into primary care, targeting the underlying causes of chronic diseases and promoting healthier living habits.

Preventive Health: We are committed to creating healthier communities by providing high-quality healthcare and improving access to preventive medical services.

Vaccines and Immunizations: Our efforts focus on enhancing vaccine access and uptake, playing a key role in community health and preventive care.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: We provide specialized care for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, offering diagnostic and treatment options to help patients manage and overcome their condition.


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General Medicine 

General Medicine

The General Medicine Department at Aayush Hospital stands as a beacon of medical excellence, offering a comprehensive range of services for various health conditions and emergencies. Our department is distinguished by a team of highly qualified doctors who specialize in diagnostic, inpatient, day care, and outpatient treatments. We pride ourselves on practicing modern, evidence-based medicine with a holistic approach.

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