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Our Commitment

Protecting the interests of patients and their families
Care and Respect
  • At Aayush, you will be treated with dignity in a humane and safe environment. Your personal safety includes being free from physical restraints or seclusion, unless required as part of your overall medical treatment. Appropriate protection will be accorded to the disabled, elderly and those with special needs.

  • We respect your personal values, religious and ethnic beliefs and need for personal privacy.

  • Making decisions about medical treatment for a serious illness can be difficult for you and your family. Our Hospital staff provide guidance on difficult issues arising in such situations. We respect and will comply with your decisions.

Confidentiality of Records

We are bound by law and professional ethics to keep your medical records, including Electronic Medical Records and all aspects of care rendered to you, strictly confidential.

Explanation & Information About Your Treatment

You are entitled to information on your medical condition, conveyed in a way you can understand.

  • Treatment options (including surgery process)

  • Known outcome

  • Known risks of treatment

  • Known risks and consequences of non-treatment

  • Estimated hospital bill

  • Plan for your continuing care after discharge

  • The names of the healthcare professionals responsible for your treatment.

The information provided will help you decide whether to consent to, or refuse the proposed treatment.

However, if you choose not to undergo treatment, or leave the hospital against the doctor’s advice, within limits permitted by law, you may do so after signing a form to request discharge against medical advice.

Your Responsibilities

While we have a responsibility to safeguard your interests as our patient, it is important that you play your part in the entire treatment process. We want to give you the best possible care that meets your needs and to address the anxieties of your family. We ask that you and your family:


  • Provide complete information on your medical history (including allergies and medication prescribed to you by your family doctor; over-the-counter drugs and traditional medicine), financial circumstances, and other relevant details to enable us to help you.

  • Comply with the agreed course of treatment prescribed by our healthcare professionals.

  • Inform us when you encounter problems that prevent you from complying with the treatment prescribed.

  • Clarify any doubts on instructions given to you to prevent any lapse in after care upon discharge.

  • Be responsible in meeting the required fees and charges for the medical services provided to you.

Consideration for others
  • We require all our staff to treat our patients with professionalism, respect and courtesy.

  • Comply with hospital rules put in place for patients safety (eg policy on visitating hours). We thank you for placing your trust in us and we wish you a pleasant stay or visit at Aayush.


We value your feedback to improve our services. If you have any suggestion or wish to share your experience about our services, you may complete the feedback form or call +919603929292 or +919603959595. You may also email us to

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