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Hospital administration is a critical role within the healthcare system. Hospital administrators are responsible for managing operations, creating and implementing policies, monitoring various areas to ensure performance standards are met, and evaluating the performance of staff members. They must also be able to coordinate with other healthcare professionals and external stakeholders to develop plans that meet the needs of the community. Additionally, they need to stay up-to-date on legislation changes and technological advances, as well as have excellent communication skills in order to build relationships with medical staff and address patient or public concerns.

Responsible for ensuring the efficient use of resources, developing and implementing programs to reduce costs, and improving outcomes. Strong problem-solving skills in order to identify issues or gaps in services and develop strategies for improvement. Make informed decisions that consider the complex aspects of healthcare delivery. Highly skilled at managing conflict and facilitating collaboration between staff members in order to ensure a smooth running of operations.

  • Key role in coordinating and collaborating with Management Committee & Board of Directors to ensure the success of the hospital

  • Developing strategies for achieving organizational objectives, creating goals and plans for improvement, monitoring progress, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

  • Managing staff and resources to ensure quality patient care

  • Responsible for organizing meetings with top management to discuss issues such as new regulations, changes in technology, and budgeting concerns.

  • Monitoring areas such as staffing, budgeting, and accreditation for the hospital

  • Evaluating the performance of healthcare staff and providing feedback

  • Investigating customer complaints

  • Coordinating with other healthcare professionals to develop plans for optimal patient care

  • Maintaining contact with external stakeholders to understand the needs of the community

Dr Prasad KLV


Medical Superintendent

Dr MAV Prasad


Additional Medical Superintendent

Mrs. Jaya Lakshmi M M.B.A.(HR & MKG)., E.M.B.A (HM)

Chief Administrative Officer

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