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MD's Message

Dr Gopala Krishna Koduru  MD DM

  • I appreciate the opportunity to introduce 'Aayush' to you, esteemed members of our community.

  • At Aayush, we recognize the profound impact we can have on the healthcare experience, a vital aspect of the lives of millions. As a collective, many of us at Aayush have dedicated over three and a half decades to delivering healthcare. It is from this wealth of experience and our shared values that we envision Aayush as the premier, compassionate healthcare provider – aiming to be the first choice for you, your family, and friends.

  • Our commitment to achieving this goal revolves around four fundamental principles crucial to patient care.

  • First and foremost, we prioritize bringing joy to our patients, especially those facing critical health challenges. This involves a concerted team effort, as the efficient care we provide requires the collaboration of hundreds of dedicated individuals, all united by a common purpose.

  • Secondly, we understand the evolving landscape of healthcare necessitates innovation. At Aayush, we embrace change, consistently enhancing the quality and quantity of services to meet the dynamic needs of our community.

  • Above all, we recognize that patient safety is paramount. The safety of our patients is not just a priority; it is the essence of everything we do. Day in and day out, my colleagues and I strive to earn your loyalty by upholding these principles: a focus on the patient, seamless teamwork, ongoing innovation, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

  • It is my aspiration that your visits to Aayush bring you as much joy as it brings me to lead this remarkable institution. Come, experience life at Aayush, where our dedication to your well-being is not just a promise but a way of life.

Managing Director & Chief Cardiologist
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