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Aayush Hospitals has a full fledged Anaesthesiology and critical care department which has been developed to help rapid recovery of patients who undergo various types of surgical procedures within the hospital. Manned by a highly experienced team of doctors who are committed and trained in the respective specializations. Equipped with state of the art facilities this department handles the various requirements of our patients in a comprehensive manner to provide the satisfactory pre and post operative recovery and round the clock coverage for better.

Our commitment in providing the best possible care filled with an approach of compassion is the difference which makes Aayush Hospital the best choice for our patients from all over Andhra Pradesh.

Services in Anaesthesiology Department

1. Anaesthesia for high risk patients 

  • Cardiac patients coming for non-cardiac surgery

  • Critically ill patients on vasopressors / Ventilator

  • High risk obstetric patients

  • Morbid obese patients

  • Patients with multiple comorbidities and Geriatric patients

​2. Anaesthesia for cardiac and Thoracic surgeries - VATS, one lung ventilation.

3. Neuro Anaesthesia.
4. Transplant Anaesthesia - Renal & Liver Transplants
5. Orthopedic surgeries - Poly trauma, Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and Spine

6. Anaesthesia at remote locations Interventional cardiology, Interventional neuro radiology, GI Suite, MRI and Bronchoscopy suite

7. Anaesthesia for Laparoscopic surgeries
8. Pain

  • Labour analgesia (Epidural)

  • Epidural Steroid injections

  • Ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks.

Our Specialists In Anesthesiology

Dr Y Ramesh Babu
Chief of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care
Dr MVS Sai Krishna


Senior Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist

View Profile
​Dr V Pavani


Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr B Devika


Consultant Anesthesiologist

View Profile
​Dr Ch Krishna Chaitanya


Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr TV Harshavardhan


Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr D Aarthi


Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr.S.Lakshmi Tirumala


Consultant Anesthesiologist

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