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Emergency & Trauma Care

Emergency & Trauma Care

The emergency Department is the first point of contact for any critically ill patient, needing immediate medical attention. Our Emergency Department is managed by qualified Emergency Physicians and nurses, trained specifically for providing emergent care to save a life or limb,  carry out the immediate assessment of patients with serious and life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

We reach out to patients 24/7 requiring emergency services , and are well equipped with state of the art lab and personnel  to treat/ manage emergencies as simple as dog bite to road traffic accidents, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrests… and maintain a continuum of care for betterment of our patients

Dr D Sirisha

MD (Gen)

Head of Emergency Department


Consultant ER Physcian

​Dr Madireddi MP Kumar


Consultant ER Physician

Dr EV Bala Subramanyam


Consultant ER Physician

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Our Doctors

Dr V Pavani


Emergency Medicine Faculty

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