My fathers evv rama krishna kidney transplantation was done before three years in ayush it was done very successfully and I am very happy to say that he didn't faced any postoperative problems till know he is very healthy. Dr Harikrishna garu and Dr srimanarayanagaru gave a new life to my dad and us.we are very thankful for their support and commitment. Supportive staff muraligaru and vijayagaru helped us a lot at the time of operation and consultancy we really thankful to the hospital and the staff......

Date : 17-02-2020

Sarath Dhulipalla

"I would like to thank the doctors and staff at Aayush hospitals for the kind of care and treatment I received. I was contemplating going back to US for my treatment but chose to get it done at Aayush and I am glad I did. Dr. Gopala Krishna garu was very experienced and patient. He gave a very detailed explanation of problem and treatment. The combination of his confidence and experience is what made me get my treatment at Aayush instead of going back to US. He was answering my questions even after I was discharged. I don’t think I could have gotten any better treatment in US. I would highly recommend Aayush to everyone.

North Carolina, USA

Date : 23-01-2020

Santosh venkata naga tenneti

Thanks to geetha devi madam. Really we are very happy to inform she is very good doctor for gynecology and especially cases of delivery will be taken care in a very keen manner. Her attention towards patient is very good and my wife had a normal delivery even she had a gestinal sugar earlier which was treated in a very attentive manner from geetha mam side with the proper diet and keen observations .Really a gr8 thanks to madam..

Date : 26-Oct-2019

Asha latha maddukuri

My brother got treated in Aayush Hospitals one week back for high grade fever with Asthma. He is very much improved now with the extraordinary treatment of Dr D Sirisha. She is really very good and very well talented. She takes the complete history of the patient and treats with compassion. My family is always indebted to her services. I strongly recommend Aayush Hospital and Dr D Sirisha madam

Date : 22-Oct-2019

Prasanna Kancheti

Such a good hospital for better cure, i had personal experience, my father suffering with leg pain since four years, but no relief found even though we visited number of doctors in hyd and those people suggested for operation. But only in one visit to Aayush my father pain was cured without any operation and with low cost and i personally thankful to Dr. Harikrishna Basineni garu for the better treatment and for way of responding to every question with patience.

Date : 21-10-2019


From October 8th, 2018 to October 17th, 2019 are the memorable days of my life. Thinking about that tears comes out of my eyes. I came to this Hospital on October 8th last year in a very crucial condition. I was with high fever, severe headache, vomitings, blurring of vision and was unconscious and God showed us Dr. Sailaja. The way she treated me was very good. She understood the pain of my mother, grandmother, Madam, home staff. I used to be like a dumb girl without telling my problem, but she dealt me with a lot of patience. Every nurse, lab technician, and helpers they helped me a lot. I have a desire to become a Doctor, but that was not taken as a serious matter and after visiting Dr. Sailaja this has become my longing desire to become a Neurologist. I thank Dr. Sailaja for everything that she had done to me. I and my family came crying to this Hospital, but this hospital sent us with immense happiness and joy. So, once again I thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Date : 2019-10-19


I am submitting this on behalf of my mother J. Rangamma. She was Hospitalised with High Fever and shortness of breath. She was Diagnosed with Pulmonary Thrombo Embolosim and was admitted to ICU. Dr. Purna Chandra Rao Cardiologist has been assigned the treatment and I must say a dedicated hard working Individual who has given as the clear picture of the Disease and the survival chance was down to 25% and he offered he would try his best and in a week our mom was out of danger and had recovered completely in a month. I would like to thank the Aayush medical and non medical staff who always puts in 100% effort . Its a great hospital with a great team of Doctors.


Date : 2019-10-13


Iam very much thankful to Dr Ameen, Neurosurgeon, Dr Gopala Krishna and team for saving my life. I was admitted in an unconsciousness state on 7-6-2019 following bleeding in brain. I am already a heart disease patient with stenting in Jan 2019. Immediately they have performed craniotomy and evacuated the bleeding in my brain. I recovered fast within 7 days and discharged on 13.6.2019. I really indebtful to the team of doctors, nursing staff and others for their wonderful treatment given in right time. Doctors and nurses in ICU are very good and compassionate.


Date : 2019-06-14


A complimentary note for the wonderful and unfathomable service of Dr. Chakrapani -reg. Respected Dr. Chakrapani Garu, I am Dr. Vijay Kumar N, (Assistant Professor-RGUKT) (Test Your Liver) pack patient visited today Aayushh hospital and experienced really godly service through the hands of Dr. Chakrapani Sir ji. I express gratitude from the bottom of my heart for thy incredible love,care, and nurture for the patient. I ill remember this for the life-time. If possible could you (customer care service) share Dr. Chakrapani ji personal contact number to talk and express my gratitude personally? I would be more obliged to thank....

Dr. Vijay Kumar N NIT-Warangal PGDTE (EFL-University) 9490081942 Warangal

Date : 2019-06-07


Really it is a well experienced team of doctors who saved my life when I am critically ill following cardiac problem. Treated me very well and I recovered fully and doing my routine life happily. I am always indebted to Aayush Team especially Dr G Somasekhar, Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist. I am very much delighted with their treatment.


Date : 2019-05-18

Mr.Sudheer Remella

For the first time in Vijayawada, I have undergone a complex angioplasty and stenting using  Rotablation with drug-eluting stent (DES) on 15th March  2013. Professional medical care and courteous staff at Aayush made me feel like being at home. The diagnostic equipment is all state of the art and felt that the quality and expertise of the cardiology team is equal to the best found anywhere in Andhra Pradesh.

I sincerely convey my best wishes to Dr. Gopala Krishna Koduru and his team of Aayush hospital, Vijayawada. I will not hesitate to refer my friends and relatives to Aayush at any medical emergency.

with best regards

Mr.Sudheer Remella, Plot.No: 161, 3rd line, Srinivasa Nagar, Bank Colony, Vijayawada, AP, India, +91 9948723661

15th March  2013.

John Henry Shafer from Nebraska

I want to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff for the wonderful treatment I have received. Making my trip to India I never expected to have a heart attack.

From the time the hospital received and started a procedure to repair my heart vessels, all have been most helpful and accommodating to my every need.

It is my high recommendation that should you need care the Aayush Hospitals would be your best choice.

John Henry Shafer from Nebraska - USA. January 31st 2014

Prasad Gutta

Dr.Pendyala Suman and Dr.Hari Krishna worked very hard and performed a surgery to perfection to a retiree from ANR College 65 year old,Adusumilli LakshmiPathi garu (Rtd.) Lecturer ANR College in his pursuit to help someone broke both his hands and leg. His hands suffered multiple complex fractures and his knee damaged equally or more seriously. He was operated for more than 4 hours at Aayush Hospitals and the post operative x-ray scans reveal unbelievably perfect traction fixing. Patient ready for discharge on the very second day.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Suman and his colleague Hari Krishna who teamed up together to prove their expertise and in availing and adopting the best medical practices exhibiting duly the human values imbibed from the traditions of this society.

Wishing every thinggood to Or Suman and Dr Hari Krishna in their professional career and in their personnel life aswell. Idon1hesitate to advise the needy in and around Vijayawada to be benefitted immensely from the duo viz. Or. Suman and Dr. Hari Krishna Aayush Hospitals Vijayawada.

They already got wonderful reputation while performing at KIMSVijayawada. This is only a token of appreciation and in order to help others finding the best available resource.

February 11th, 2015

Abburi Bhavishya

To the team of Ayush hospital .....

I am very much thankful to the team for having provided the utmost care and treatment to my uncle Anand Garapati who had been admitted and treated in your hospital for c/o hemiparesis. Thanks to all the doctors for the personalised care, and more important the nursing care delivered was unremarkable, Wishing the team to go miles ahead.......

February 18th, 2015

Kishore Kumar

The aayush Hospital group,

Good services always worthy of reverence.

Caring doctors and staff always applauded.

Thank you Aayush Hospitals, for doing the same.

I am very happy for your kind  support and services offered to Mr Garapati Anannd

ETV, Andhra Pradesh - February 19th, 2015

Parimi Venkateswara Rao

My mother named Smt. Parimi Bharathi has undergone an operation(Heart) on 30th June 2015 and discharged on 7th July 2015.We specially thanks to Dr.Sreenivas Saiwho operated and attendants on that day and afterwards post operation care was done excellently.

We also thanks to the nursing staff who carefully attended and especially appreciated their services extended to the patient.

If you may consider our suggestion that the food from your Canteen may be arranged on cost to the ICU patient will be highly appreciated. Finally, thank you all once again.

July 10th, 2015

Demi Kokla

Fantastic doctors and staff

They were extremly helpful and made my life saty enjoyable

Sydney, Australia - September 20th, 2015

k Divvayya Chowdary

I, Mr. Chowdary, 89 years initially consulted Dr. K.Gopalakrlshna garu with chest pain on and off, one and half years back. He suggested me that any intervention procedures may be risk at this age of 88 and he advised me to be on medical management and also prescribed me with NTG spray; to use whenever I have chest discomfort. From then onwards, I was on regular follow-up with him. But in recent times, I had to use the spray 2-3 times a day because of my frequent chest discomfort. Then, he advised me to undergo Angiogram just to decide what better can be done. He made me undergo certain tests before he subjected me to CAG to check my fitness.

But after angiogram, he advised me to undergo bypass surgery because vessels are calcified and PTCA Is not possible. I consulted Kakarla Subba Rao, Ex-director of NIMS hospitals and chairman for so many co-operative hospitals. I asked him whether I can visit Hyderabad for my bypass surgery. But, he told me that the technology Is the same everywhere, the result of the surgery depends on the surgeon. He told me that if the surgeon over there is good, then I can undergo the surgery in Vijayawada itself. So many people very much known to me told that Dr.K. Srinivas Sai is a fantabulous surgeon and he is producing good results in cardiac surgery. Dr K. Srinivas Sai kindly accepted to operate on me in spite of my age and the risk involved because of my age. All the staff nurses in CTICU were sincere and their encouraging talks and their confidence really helped me at every stage of my recovery. Mrs Selvl and all the doctors who are on duty including Mr Ram Babu guided me throughout my post-op course and solved any problem in few seconds of Its occurrence. The other Important thing Is Aaya's also gave really a good service with pleasant smile. I got so accustomed to the entire team of people so much for their good attitude and their teamwork.

They treated me, including Dr K. Srinivas Sai as their Family member. He visited me for a minimum of three times every day and gave me confidence and mental strength which helped me for my fast recovery. The dedication and discipline of all the staffs in the department, if it is maintained throughout under the guidance of efficient and talented surgeon Dr K. Srinivas Sai, this hospital will surely flourish and become one of the best hospitals, for sure without any doubt. I pay my gratitude to Dr.K.Srinlvas Sai, who gave me a second life. My best wishes are there always for all the staff members who had treated me on humanity basis.

I wish all the staff everlasting happiness and energetic life. I pray to god to give energy and sufficient strength to all the staff to continue the same kind of service to all the patients who are in need.

Advocate,Pedamutteve,Movva Mandalam,Krishna district,Phone:08671-256241

January 19th, 2016

B Vijay Kanth

We came to hospital for 'c' section but doctor k.geetha Devi had educated us and explained benefits of normal delivery.so we tried for normal delivery. My wife was happy about normal delivery. All the staff members had taken care of my wife and baby. I will recomended the hospital to everyone.

March 5th, 2016

M Bhagya Lakshmi

We are very satisfied with doctors, Staff etc. We are very happy to stay in the hospital and cleaning also very satisfying. No other bad remarks for us. Thank you all Aayush team for such a service

June 5th, 2016

Dr Sai Varaprasadrao G