General Medicine & Diabetology

General Medicine & Diabetology

Aayush Hospitals has a highly specialized department of general medicine which is equipped to deal with any type of medical injuries or emergency. We have various specialists who help treat the various types of injuries and diseases which occur in patients.

We provide the following services under our general medicine

  1. Anemia
  2. Hypertension
  3. Thyroid related problems
  4. fevers/sepsis/speticemia
  5. chronic infection like TB etc snake
  6. scorpion bites
  7. Poisoning, Hanging
  8. Arthritis undefeatable
  9. geriatrics


Aayush hospital has a highly specialized diabetic center which provides advanced services to our patients. Our Diabetic center has the best doctors whom we have chosen to provide quality services for our patients.

  1. Our Diabetic Specialty center offers the following services
  2. Advanced Diabetic screening services which are available only with Aayush hospitals
  3. Treating diabetic complications along with its related services
  4. All types of specific Laboratory tests which include Glycosylated Haemoglobin by and Urine for Microalbuminuria.
  5. Detection and screening of high risk feet and quantification of peripheral arterial disease.
  6. Doppler tests which are required by patients
  7. Wide range of diabetes education programs to generate patient awareness on diabetes

Dr Parimi sambasiva rao

MD (General Medicine)

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